Hey, Everyone!

My name is Jessi and I’m a fourth year photography student. I’m situated in Auckland, New Zealand (so if I ever refer to events or dates, essentially I’m referring to “tomorrow” for most of you).

Here is my blog displaying my work. It also has statements regarding the contextual and conceptual background of my work. Please check it out.

THIS blog however, is reserved for things that influence my practise. It is primarily a tool for me to familiarise myself with these artist’s practises and how they relate back to my own as well as to help me to better discuss my work. This is however, by no means a private blog. I still hope it will be of interest to some people. I will post images of my own work when I get appropriate digital scans of them.

I’m not planning to put images of other artist’s work on here, or directly quote other sources external to WordPress. I can’t be bothered to email each and ask for permission to display their work in my blog, but I WILL provide links. I can’t expect you guys to have to Google everything yourselves now, can I?

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